The Dry Martinis

Melbourne-based Cabaret Noir


  • Join “The Dry Martinis” as they embark on a quest seen through the vaudeville-noir tinted spectacles of the tragically glamorous.
  • Driven by a martini fueled compulsion to find the perfect bar, our protagonists Shanghai Lil and Hurricane Harry, dance, fly, glide, slide and shometimes shtumble through a rollicking, humourous adventure yarn.
  • Stylish, funny and glamourous with dance, acrobatics, magic and showmanship.
  • A two person act “The Dry Martinis” are joined by their three very own show girls, the fabulously talented “Purple Rain”.
  • The Dry Martinis have performed their act for nightclubs, private, and corporate entertainment in many places both at home in Australia and overseas.

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